What Is It Like To Drive For Uber?

Uber has taken the world by storm and now hundreds of thousands of drivers across the world work for the firm. But what should you know before you take the leap?

Try Being A Customer For Uber

You need to learn as much as possible about Uber and try using this service as a customer. Use Uber whenever you need a ride somewhere so you can get a feel for what people are looking for.

You will get the opportunity to talk to drivers and ask a few questions. These are a few of the things you should ask before becoming a driver:

– Find out about the local and state laws that affect them.

– Ask how much money they earn and how much time they spend driving.

– Ask if they encountered any challenges or difficulties.

– Find out when is the best time to drive to maximize your earnings.

– Ask about their overall experience, find out if they are happy to drive for Uber.

There are other things you could ask about, keep the conversation going and try finding out as much as possible about their experience as a driver.

What About Insurance?

Uber is insured, but you need to contact your current insurance provider before you become a driver for Uber. No one wants to think about insurance but it is important to be properly covered.

A lot of insurance providers now offer policies that cover ride-sharing activities. Companies like Geico, multiquotetaxiinsurance.co.uk, Aviva and other major insurance providers already offer these policies.

Keep Track Of Your Expenses

Being an Uber driver is somewhat similar to owning a small business. There are expenses that can be deducted, including your mileage and other costs associated with maintaining your vehicle. Keeping track of your expenses is important because this will reduce your taxable income. Filing your taxes will be a lot easier if you have an easy and efficient way to track all your expenses. Harry Campbell wrote a very helpful article on taxes, ride-sharing and tracking expenses that you should read. He also wrote an article on tax deductions that you need to read to make sure you do not miss out on any deductions.

Keep Some Snacks And Water In Your Vehicle

You should keep a case of bottled water as well as some individually-wrapped snacks in your vehicle. You can offer these goodies to your passengers to make their ride more enjoyable and improve your chances of getting a great review on the Uber app.

A lot of drivers do not offer snacks and water to passengers. However, you should really think of snacks and water as an easy and affordable way to improve the experience you offer to your passengers.

Besides, it is always good to have something to snack on or drink in case you get hungry or thirsty while you drive.

Keep Your Driving To A Minimum

Find a way to passe time between fares without driving around. Being a driver for Uber means that you will get passengers via the app and don’t need to drive around to find business. Don’t hesitate to refuse a fare if you would have to drive too far to pick up the passenger and don’t feel that the payout would be worth it.

You should drive to another area if there are too many other Uber drivers where you are. Try driving to other neighborhoods to make finding fares easier.

Driving In The Suburbs Is Not Profitable

Finding a specific location in a suburb can be frustrating because all the homes and streets tend to look the same. Besides, driving in the suburbs is usually not very profitable for Uber drivers. If you have to take a passenger to a suburb, you should go back to a busier area. Again, remember that you should keep your driving to a minimum.

Find Out When Rush Hour Is

You will find that there are peak times for Uber fares. For instance, you might find that there are a lot of fares available when bars close at 2 A.M. if you are in an area with a lot of bars. If you drive in a business district, you will be more likely to find fares between 4 P.M. and 6 P.M. when people get out of work.

Figure out the best times to drive in your area to maximize your profit!

Don’t Accept Tips

Uber doesn’t allow drivers to receive or solicit tips from their passengers. Uber is considered as a sharing economy platform and there shouldn’t be any hard money exchanges.

Uber adopted this policy for safety reasons and also because it is more convenient. You should never break this rule, even if a passenger wants to offer a tip. If you want to be able to accept tips, you should consider driving for Lyft instead.


You should have a better idea of what being a driver for Uber is like. If you are interested in the sharing economy and want to try a new gig, learn more about Uber and think about signing up as a driver.