How to Organize a Successful Job Fair

There are many steps that go into organizing a job fair. It takes time and energy, with most of the effort going into planning the event.

The job fair organizers must know which job seekers will be attending the fair, and what goals those job seekers have in regards to employment. Then, they need to identify the goals of the companies that will be attending. This information will help determine the most important features and displays for the event.

Before you start planning, you need to become familiar with the factors that are common in many successful job fairs.

Step 1

Choose a date, time and location for the job fair. Make sure the location can hold the anticipated number of attendees. You’ll also want to ensure sufficient parking is available.

Step 2

Decide if you want to have a general fair, or if your job fair will focus on a specific industry or area, like computers or health care. After you have decided on the type of job fair, make a list of companies in the area that may be interested. Locate the contact information for the human resource directors for each company. You can do this by visiting the company website or calling their office.

Step 3

Create a budget for the job fair. Even if you found a free location that already has tables and chairs, you’ll still have expenses. The job fair’s budget may include table and chair rentals, tablecloths, audio-visual equipment, advertising, after-event clean-up, printing costs, roller banners, refreshments, and paper supplies.

Step 4

Determine the number of tables and chairs needed. Arrange to have them at the location and set up the day before the fair. The room you choose must be capable of handling the electrical power needs of the exhibitors. Most of the companies will require power for their televisions, computers and other equipment.

Step 5

Recruit a team of volunteers to staff the information table. The volunteers can also help the exhibitors set their tables.

Step 6

Send invitations to prospective exhibitors. You should send the invitations out about three months before the event. Address the letter to the company president or human resources director. Many small companies do not have a human resource director. Track replies on a spreadsheet.

Step 7

Prepare a marketing plan for the job fair. Create ads and post flyers at your location and in stores and building in the community. Create a press release to submit to the local media. Plan an ad for the job fair in the local newspaper’s employment section and post information about the fair on social media.

Step 8

Create signs for the job fair. These signs will help direct job seekers to the correct location and guide them to the room. You should also have signs that display the company’s name for each exhibitor table. Miscellaneous signs will be needed to direct people to restrooms and the information desk. Prepare a map of the room, make copies and provide a copy to each exhibitor and attendee.

Step 9

Prepare a checklist to cover the key elements of the fair. Consult this list the day before the event as you walk through the location. Make sure you have the correct number of tables and chairs. Ensure the signage is in place and that all of the equipment is working correctly.