Grounds And Landscaping Seasonal Jobs

If you are looking for a seasonal job that requires working outdoors, you might want to consider a grounds or landscaping job. There is a large number of jobs that fall into this category, and while each requires different duties, they all have to do with maintaining or landscaping property.

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Typical Jobs

Athletic fieldskeeper

Athletic fieldkeepers must maintain and repair athletic fields. They do so by lining the fields, setting goals, mowing, repairing fences, picking up trash, and cleans restroom facilities.


Gardeners must treat and care for trees, plots, and grass. To care for plants and prepare soil for plant placement, they use equipment including mowers, clippers, edgers, and blowers.

Golf course keeper

These keepers must maintain the golf course and equipment used. Equipment and tools may include mowers, backhoes, tractors, and trucks. They throw trash away and spend a lot of time cutting grass.

Heavy equipment operator

These employees operate heavy equipment such as mowers, tractors, dump trucks, and snow removal equipment. The equipment is used to do a variety of work such as snow removal, grounds maintenance, tree removal, and trimming.

Irrigation technician

Irrigation technicians install, monitor, and maintain the irrigation system. They test new installments, repair potential problems, and conduct inspections.

Spray technician

These technicians are responsible for mixing and spraying chemical fertilizers, insecticide, herbicide, or pesticide onto plants. In many states a certification and permit are necessary for this job.


Groundskeepers do a variety of jobs. Their duties include cutting grass, mulching, pruning, lining fields, weed eating, trimming, and raking leaves.

Working Conditions

These types of jobs are most common during the spring, fall, and summer. Workers spend their time outside and must be willing to work in a variety of weather conditions. The responsibilities may be physically demanding and knowledge of tools (weed eaters, chainsaws, shovels, etc.) is usually needed. There are also some hazards to this kind of work, especially when dealing with dangerous equipment or chemicals.

National Landscape Companies

  • Brickman – 11,000 employees work for Brickman nationwide. They provide services such as maintaining landscapes, enhancing landscapes, designing and constructing landscapes, caring for trees, maintaining sports fields, and managing water. Find career information here.
  • Davey Tree – Davey Tree operates in eastern mid-Atlantic states; central, southwest, and western states; south and southeastern states; and Canada. Their services include tree care and maintenance, tree health inspections, tree planting, lawn care, snow removal, and more. Career opportunities can be found on their website.
  • ValleyCrest – ValleyCrest has a number of divisions, and they are landscape development, tree care services, landscape maintenance, golf course maintenance, design group, and tree company. They have locations across and outside of the United States. They have a job search page.
  • TruGreen – TruGreen’s headquarters is in Tennessee, and it has over 200 branches in the country. They provide services including lawn care, sulfur treatments, fire ant control, tree and shrub care, and irrigation. Their job opportunity site is found here.
  • USM – USM has around 28,000 employees altogether in 170 locations in the U.S. and Canada. Some of their services are landscaping, parking lot maintenance, snow and ice removal, irrigation system repairs and installation, and pressure washing. They have a job search on their parent company’s website, which can be found through here.


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