8 Tips For Boosting Your Concentration At Work

Increasing concentration at work has numerous benefits and can really help you in a number of ways – but how do you do it? We take a look.

Turn Your Phone Off

Having a phone in your office means that there is no reason for your mobile to be out. You need to follow the policy and keep your phone out of sight and mind. Neuroscience & Biobehavioral Reviews concluded that working without any distractions allows the brain to work much better, which will make focusing a cinch. Social media, memes and idle gossip can wait until you are off the clock.

Adjust Your Outlook

Once your phone is away, you will still have to wrestle to resist your email. Research by Loughborough University found that the average office worker in the UK checked their email nearly 40 times in one hour. Yes, all of those random ads for the little blue pill are decreasing productivity. Try adding NRN (no reply needed) to the end of emails and disabling notifications while you work. This will help you focus while keeping your stress and blood pressure levels in a normal range.

Get Office SMART

Plopping down in your chair at 9am without having a plan is enough to make anyone’s day a big mess. The Chartered Institute of Management Accountants suggests writing a list of goals that are specific, measurable, appropriate, realistic and time-bound (SMART). Do not rely on a tyrannical boss to give you deadlines. Work on the most difficult tasks early in the day when your concentration is at its highest level.

Call A Time Out

Once you have your plans in order, you should master the Pomodoro technique. You should take a five minute break after each 25 minute block of work. Once you are at the peak of the day, take 15 minutes every two hours instead. This will stop your brain from becoming worn out. Instead of using this time to grab a not-so-good snack, you should stretch your legs, walk around the office and take a breather.

Exercise Your Mind

Your lunchtime workout is doing more than making your body sleek enough to fit into that new dress. A study at Harvard Medical School found that doing a half-hour of moderate intensity exercise every work day releases chemicals that increase brain function. This will help you concentrate for the remainder of the day. The hot body you end up with is an added bonus.

Go Green

Fresh air is great and many offices do not have this. Try bringing to outdoors to your desk. You can enhance your desk by adding a few plants. A study done by the University of Exeter concluded that all of the extra oxygen you receive from your plants will increase your productivity by nearly 40%. Clean energy and plenty of oxygen should certainly be on your to-do list.

Swap Your Shot

If you usually have a coffee midday to give yourself a boost, try an isotonic drink instead. This small dose of sugar will increase your brain and memory performance and make you more motivated. Besides, it will not give you coffee breath. There are also other ways to improve concentration.

Go To Bed

If you try to cram in “one more episode” every night when hanging out with your friend Netflix, you are probably going to bed far too late, which is why your attention span stinks when you get to work in the morning. For every hour of sleep you lose, you will end up procrastinating, endlessly scrolling and slacking off 20% more. Make sure to get eight hours if you want to be at your best.