6 Tips for a Job in Recruitment

When it comes to recruitment there are specific skills and experience needed to arrive at a positive outcome. Below are six skills for you to consider:

Can You Sell?

Are you the type of person that is easily able to sell products, services or ideas to people? Recruitment processes typically consist of 3 sales cycles. These include obtaining a vacancy from a client, then obtaining interest from the various candidates and finally combining them together to arrive at a successful placement. The skills in presenting opportunities along with candidates in a favorable way are crucial for success. Placements require sales skills that are regarded as important for success. Here is a good guide on what to expect from a career in recruitment from Capita IT Resourcing.

Are You A Match Maker?

In order to find success in recruitment you will need to have good skills in match making. This requires you to be solution-orientated as well as having a good understanding of the current marketplace. In addition, you should be experienced in locating opportunities when conducting placements well before your competitors, candidates and clients are aware of it. Here are some good tips.

Communication Skills

When it comes to recruitment you must have excellent communication skills as well as being able to speak with confidence and conviction when you sell your services to prospective clients as well as job openings for candidates. You really need to stay ahead of the competition and this is possible by developing good relationships with all types of people in the area you specialize in.


Recruitment is one of those careers that requires a constant positive attitude. This especially true on the days when your candidates and clients are not coming together the way you would like. You will need to be able to handle rejection and it is important to remember that statistics suggest that you will probably get one yes out of five no’s. Recruitment is genuinely a numbers type game and persistence and hard work really pays off.

Are You IT Literate?

Well-known recruiters are always tech savvy and the recruitment world operates on computer software’s and the Inter-webs are your main source when it comes to information. As an experienced recruiter you should work easily with online networking-platforms, job boards and a candidate tracking system along with any other types of technology. In this day and age many of your clients will use sophisticated portal and search systems. This means you always need to stay ahead of the game.

Persistence Pays Off

Chasing individuals who will often not want to answer your calls or speak to you on a daily basis requires a thick skin, regardless of how positive you may be. Recruitment may offer a good way to make money, but you must be aware that the job requires extremely hard work, dedication and persistence.

If you think that this is a career path you would like to pursue, first consult with a well-known recruitment company and ask them about their job and what they like and dislike about the job. If you are hired by one of these companies you may find that this type of career is not suitable for you. However, any time spent in the world of recruitment will definitely enhance your career prospects. You can always use the skills you have learnt to land yourself a really good job.