11 Seasonal Jobs In The Spring

Spring is a popular season for a number of reasons. Once the sun starts shining again after months of cold, cloudy days, people want to go outside. The change in weather makes it a prime time for families and tourists to travel elsewhere. Springtime also welcomes outdoor activities, such as gardening and landscaping. Opportunities for seasonal jobs are abundant once springtime begins.

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Seasonal Jobs in the Spring

Here is a list of possible seasonal jobs in the spring.

Home Improvement

As the weather warms, more people shop at home improvement stores. Because of the influx of consumers, home improvement companies hire many seasonal employees. For example, Home Depot hires approximately 60,000 new workers in the spring. Similarly, Lowe’s hires around 50,000 new seasonal workers. Positions for seasonal jobs last about ninety days, and are varied. Different positions available include cashiers, loaders, and employees in the lawns and gardens. Not surprisingly, it is a bonus if an applicant has experience in home improvement.


Certain local businesses also thrive in the spring. Landscaping businesses and plant nurseries need more employees to keep up with the increase in customers. While gardeners are needed for landscaping, positions are also open for office work.


Being part of a business is not required to work outdoors. It is easier to find work as independent gardeners in the spring, as it is the busiest part of the gardening season. Gardeners can find nearby work from neighbors and other local clients by pulling weeds, tending to flowers, and growing vegetables.

Farmer’s Markets

Local farmer’s markets are typically open on Sundays, and present more opportunities for seasonal work. Being a barista at a farmer’s market is a perfect job if one likes local food and shopping. Finding a job as a barista can be as easy as talking to some of the local vendors and seeing if they need any extra help with their business.

Restaurants And Bars

As it gets warmer outside, restaurants and bars that have outdoor patios like to have live acoustic music. Performers may be hired to sing and play music for guests to enjoy as they sit outside and enjoy the spring air.

Sporting Venues

Vendors at sports games are also needed. Patrons at baseball games often purchase food and drinks from vendors, so these workers are very important at these games in the spring.

Spring Training

Spring training camps for baseball offer many job opportunities. Some positions include ushering, selling programs, working in retail, and running concession booths. These jobs vary widely, and may depend on the team.

National Park Jobs

National parks present many opportunities to work outdoors in unique positions. The U.S. National Park Service employs over 20,000 people who work in different areas such as botany, gardening, and landscape architecture. As more families and tourists visit parks, more employees are needed to ensure they run smoothly.

Amusement Parks

Parks aren’t the only tourist attractions. Amusement parks are very popular in the springtime, especially in the warmer states. Six Flags and Disney Parks, for example, have many seasonal positions open that differ greatly. Some of these jobs include portraying costumed characters, being ride attendants, lifeguards, and working in admissions.


Museums are also popular in the spring. While tourists account for some of the popularity, some schools take class trips to local museums. Docents are hired at this time to provide tours to guests.

Resort Jobs

Of course, all of these tourists need places to stay. As travel is common during the spring, resorts and hospitality businesses do well and require more employees. Positions are available as bartenders, gardeners, valets, groundskeepers, and fitness instructors.

How to Find Seasonal Jobs

There are many ways to find seasonal jobs. While some jobs, such as positions in retail, can be found easily by typical job search sites, others may be more difficult to find. Independent gardening or yard work jobs can be found by talking to neighbors who may need some help with their yards. Other jobs can be found by going to the businesses themselves. Additionally, looking at local tourist attractions may yield some good results when looking for seasonal jobs. Job seekers can also look for postings and advertisements in newspapers and social media.

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