When to Apply For Internships

Internships are a great way to get experience for a possible future career, or to just explore career options. The practical experience that internship programs offer have the potential to be life-changing. This training must be earned, however. Applying for internship programs is a long and demanding process, and timing is a very important part of it. However, many students are not even considered because they do not apply early enough. It is crucial to plan ahead when applying for internships.

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When to Apply

Although summer is the most popular time to intern, students can also intern during the school year for a semester or less.

Most internship programs accept applications beginning in the fall, and stop accepting them in late May. While most applications are received between late February and early April, the most common time period for screening applications is January through March. Therefore, it is recommended to start the application process before the end of the winter previous to the deadline.

It is important to note that the deadlines for popular summer internships can be as early as the fall because of competition, background checks, and extensive paperwork. Overseas, engineering firm, financial institution, defense contractor, and government internships are among those who have deadlines in the fall or winter.

As for year-round internships, since there is less competition, it is not so pertinent to begin the application process so early. However, it is still better to start thinking about it early. Since many local businesses accept applications on a first-come, first-serve basis, it would be beneficial to turn in the application earlier rather than later. It is recommended to start the application process two semesters earlier than the internship’s starting date. For example, if the internship begins in the spring, it is advised that one starts the process in the fall.

It must be remembered that colleges and universities offer tips and advice concerning internships. Websites may provide online resources, and many post-secondary institutions hold job or career fairs. Internship opportunities may be available alongside jobs. As job fairs are typically held in the fall, it would be the prime time to start thinking about whether or not an internship would be relevant towards one’s interests.

Internship Programs

In the past few years, Forbes and Business Insider reported that the best places to intern in the U.S. are:

These corporations were chosen based on how many people were accepted to intern in a year, and how much the interns earned while there. While not all internships are paid, some are.

Additionally,there are many other well-known organizations that offer internship programs.

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