The Best Seasonal Jobs

Seasonal jobs are rewarding because the extra money received for doing possibly unique work never hurts. Employees who do seasonal work can also work flexible schedules, which is definitely a bonus. What makes a seasonal job the best is finding something that is truly interesting and enjoyable.

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The Best Seasonal Jobs

Seasonal work only lasts for a short amount of time, but may lead to a more permanent position after the season is over. Doing something that is enjoyable is paramount; what’s the point of doing something if it’s just boring or even unbearable? Even though seasonal jobs are not long-lasting, it’s still important to do something that is appealing. That’s what makes a seasonal job the best seasonal job.

Lots of the best seasonal jobs are open during the winter holidays. For example, malls and other shopping centers hire men to play Santas. That would be a great opportunity for people who like kids. The pay range is very wide – it can be from ten dollars an hour to two hundred dollars an hour.

Having good people skills can lead to work as a restaurant greeter, ticket vendor, usher, cashier, or in retail. This type of work goes from seven to fifteen dollars an hour. Shipping clerks also need people skills, as well as packing and cashiering skills. Other jobs include call center representatives and product demonstrators. All of these workers get paid more, their salary ranging from nine to twenty-two dollars an hour.

More creative people may want to look into becoming a holiday decorator. The pay ranges from about eight to seventeen dollars per hour. Working as a gift wrapper is also an option, though it pays a bit less. Very creative people could also get work as a greeting card maker, which is perfect for the holidays. Photographers can also get work during the holiday season, since pictures need to be taken for events and families.

If being around food brings joy, one should take bartending, waiting, catering, and baking into consideration. All of this work can go from eight to fifteen dollars an hour.

For people who prefer the fall over the winter, they can look into seasonal work at Halloween and costume stores. Some party stores hire up to fifty more employees to keep up with the increase in sales. Loving Halloween and working at a party store can go hand-in-hand. This job’s pay rate can go from seven to thirteen dollars an hour.

Summer Jobs

Summertime also brings a whole bunch of seasonal employment opportunities. These jobs are more suitable for those who love the outdoors. Some examples include working at a national park, an amusement park, on cruise ships, or in nurseries. Amusement park and nursery workers usually get around the same amount of money, at around seven dollars an hour. National parks pays more, between fourteen to eighteen an hour.

The pay rate for cruise ship workers are more peculiar, since the employees must travel on the ship. They are typically contracted for a six-month period, and employees work seven days a week. Workers who interact with the customers are paid a few thousand dollars a month, while the workers who do not earn a few hundred a week. A big perk of having a job on a cruise ship is being able to travel while working.

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