Seasonal Wedding Jobs

Spring and summer are the most popular times to have weddings, and therefore they are the times that offer the most seasonal job opportunities that have to do with weddings. Each of the following positions play a pivotal role in making a wedding happen.

Customer Service Representative

You can work as a customer service representative in a bridal store that hires seasonal employees. They are typically responsible for overseeing fitting rooms, keeping the store organized and clean, and assisting customers find the right items. It is important to be enthusiastic and have a love for fashion – especially formal wear. Wedding sales representatives assist customers with finding, choosing, and putting on bridal assortment, handbags, shoes, and other accessories.

Wedding Coordinator

Wedding coordinators are in charge of weddings; they must plan everything with the couple and ensure that everything from the rehearsal dinner to the wedding goes smoothly. They must talk to the vendors and arrange all of the services required before, during, and after the wedding. It is important to be enthusiastic and easily accessible to the couple so that they can reach all of their needs and desires. Being organized is crucial as wedding coordinators plan appointments and visits.

Fashion Designer

Fashion designers keep track of fashion trends and the tastes of their customers to design wedding dresses. They may also take custom orders from customers and create these dresses.

Cosmetologist/Hair Stylist

The jobs that have to do with providing services for appearance include cosmetologists, hair stylists, and nail technicians. These jobs require employees to cut, color, and style hair, do make-up, wax, and do manicures and pedicures. Being friendly to your customers can also bring in tips.


Florists determine what flowers will be used at the wedding with the couple. They then design and fashion the floral arrangements and transport them carefully to the event, whether they are artificial or real.


Caterers’ primary focus is the reception. They find the perfect meals that fit the couple’s preferences. It is important to be organized as a caterer because there are many tasks you must be ready to preform, including setting tables, refilling beverages, maintaining the cleanliness of the area, and cleaning up at the end of the event. Catering managers are responsible for managing the whole process and the different departments involved.

Baker/Cake Decorator

Anyone working in the bakery or confectionery fields has a responsibility to provide wedding cakes. These employees create, decorate, and deliver wedding cakes and maintain cake sale orders. Experience and cleanliness in the kitchen is required.


Photographers must capture all of the special moments of the wedded couple and their special day, including the ceremony itself, the reception, and everything in between. They are in charge of all of their own equipment.


Chauffeurs provide transportation for the bridal party. It is very important to be punctual in picking up and dropping off customers. You will be in charge of safely operating the automobile and loading and unloading luggage in a professional manner.

Image: Flickr