Seasonal Mechanic Jobs

There is a wide range of specializations that mechanics have. They can be specialized in bicycle mechanics, auto mechanics, equipment mechanics, or industrial maintenance mechanics. Some of these specializations are only required during specific seasons, and this is why seasonal mechanics are needed.

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Some of the summer mechanic jobs include:

Construction equipment mechanic

Mechanics that specifically work on construction equipment have many responsibilities. For example, they have to take preventative measures for all of the equipment. Mechanics will also have to answer any questions equipment operators may have and assist them. They must also do regular inspections to ensure everything is working correctly and efficiently. Construction equipment mechanics will also help transport and set up the equipment.

Landscape equipment mechanic

Landscape equipment mechanics maintain and repair outdoor power equipment. This can include lawnmowers, snow blowers, leaf blowers, and trimmers. These mechanics will have to inspect the equipment and figure out what is wrong.

Bicycle mechanic

Bicycle mechanics must be able to repair bicycles. If you work in a bicycle rental shop as a mechanic, you will have to maintain the rental bicycles by changing tires and pedals, adjusting breaks and derailleurs, and strengthening frames. Bicycle mechanics in rental shops must also make sure that all of the bicycles are in a good, safe, clean condition. All bicycle mechanics will have to inspect and repair bikes for customers.

Automotive mechanic

Automotive mechanics have to be able to repair a number of vehicles. They have to know how to repair and maintain automobiles, whether they are cars or trucks, and whether it is diesel or not. This will include identifying and fixing the problem area, which may pertain to the engine, manual transmission, or automatic transmission. Auto mechanics are also required to be good drivers.


Some of the winter mechanic jobs include:

Snow removal equipment mechanic

Snow removal equipment, such as snow plows and power shovels, need maintenance as well. These equipment mechanics specifically work on maintaining and repairing the different types of equipment for removing snow. They will also have to clean and track progress for snow removal equipment.

UPS/FedEx mechanic

Companies like UPS and FedEx need automotive mechanics to maintain and repair their diesel and electric vehicles. These automotive mechanics also need to be able to operate these vehicles and fix them in a timely manner. There are also maintenance mechanic jobs at UPS, which include a number of responsibilities in order to keep the package handling facility running. Some of these duties include adjusting control stations, motors, air compressors, and conveyor supports.

Truck mechanic

Truck mechanics have to inspect, repair, and maintain light and heavy trucks. Mechanics must be able to work on all types of engines and other vehicle components. They may also have to work on other equipment that is used during the season, like boom trucks and snow plows.

Small engine mechanic

Small engine mechanics work on motorized power equipment, such as mowers, trimmers, snow blowers, chainsaws, and blowers. They must know how to do preventative maintenance on the aforementioned equipment, and be able to repair efficiently and safely.

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