Seasonal Jobs in Virtual Reality

Virtual reality is a big deal. It hasn’t quite gone mainstream due to the equipment cost and the lack of software titles… but it is seriously coming. As it does go mainstream there will be an explosion of jobs available in the VR industry in everything to equipment to software testing to manning virtual service desks.

Here are some of the jobs you can look forward to.

Virtual Reality Game Tester

Live Job Search Game testing is already a great way to get involved in the software industry without being terribly technical. You need to be detail oriented and be really good at using computers and playing video games. As VR titles come to market the software companies will need bursts of people to come in and test their new titles. Microsoft, Valve, HTC, Amazon, and countless numbers of gaming companies hire game testers. Here’s what to look for.

Job Search Keywords:

  • Game Tester
  • Software Tester
  • Virtual Reality Tester

Virtual Reality Service Desk Technician

Live Job Search Virtual Reality Service Desks are coming! Imagine being able to put on your VR goggles and have a session with someone trying to fix your computer, or talk you through a VR game, or provide job search advice. There is a massive space here for people to help each other in a visual way, not just voice or visual but full VR.

Virtual Reality Promotional Staff

Companies that make software, VR headsets, VR treadmills, VR body suits, and everything else VR will need staff to help sell their stuff at conferences, mall booths, pop up sales stalls, and countless other places. This is often temporary and part time work associated with product launches or specific marketing efforts. If you’re energetic, outgoing, and not afraid to interact with the people going by you then you have the ability to get steady work in temporary sales.

Virtual Reality Headset Sales Staff

Basic VR headsets that work with a phone are really easy to make and customize to a brand. Since most people haven’t used a VR headset before it takes someone to help them figure it out the first time to make that sale. This also applies to high end VR gear. You can get really fun jobs working for companies to sell their headsets at events and promotions. This is somewhat seasonal, around shopping holidays and summer product launches. To find these jobs look for temporary outside sales positions at companies that make VR headsets and for marketing companies who are often hired to handle product launches while the hardware company focuses on supply chain.

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