Seasonal Jobs in New York City

You can find many different types of seasonal jobs in New York City if you know where to look. To find out about all of these great seasonal opportunities, keep reading to find information on websites that can help you hunt for seasonal jobs and the different types of jobs you have the chance to get.

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Types of Jobs in New York City


The City of New York is vast and has many responsibilities. Naturally, they must hire dependable people with various skills to make sure the city runs smoothly. Currently, the City has around 325,000 employees. If you’d like to join their ranks and work for the City of New York, you can search for open job positions here.

The New York State Department of Transportation also requires the help of seasonal employees. For example, in April, the NYSDOT hires Transportation Construction Inspectors. These seasonal employees have the responsibility of monitoring construction projects. You can view all open job opportunities for NYSDOT on their website.

The New York State Department of Environmental Conservation is meant to enhance and protect the environment of New York, and it also hires seasonal employees. Most of the positions require eighteen year olds, though there are a few that hire sixteen year olds. Seasonal jobs for DEC include carpenter, Conservation Education Camp Counselor, engineering technician, and park attendant – a full list of the jobs and their requirements can be found here. The job application can be found here, while the instructions and special requirements are listed here.

The New York City Housing Authority also hires seasonal workers. Their goal is to provide safe, affordable housing for low to middle-income New Yorkers. While the NYCHA has a plethora of career opportunities, the seasonal jobs they offer are geared towards students. These summer jobs are provided through the Summer Youth Employment Program. This program hires New Yorkers from ages fourteen (14) to twenty-four (24) for six weeks.


The New York City Department of Parks & Recreation also hires seasonal workers. They have around 5,o00 individual properties so it’s no wonder they need extra help during the year. Different jobs require employees during different months. For example, some positions require a six month commitment starting in April. Other positions only require seasonal from May to September. Some of the seasonal positions for NYC Parks are city park worker, fitness instructor, playground associate, and even tree count data collection staff! If you are interested in being a seasonal staff member for NYC Parks, check out this link to view the open positions.

The Wildlife Conservation Society is dedicated to preserving wildlife and their habitats. Their conservation efforts have resulted in four zoos and an aquarium that are located all over New York. There are approximately 1,000 job opportunities across the five parks and elsewhere in the world, and if you so choose, you can become a seasonal employee for WCS. Seasonal positions at these parks include restaurant associate, tour guide, merchandise sales associate, and children’s zoo associate. WCS is looking for people who are dedicated to the well-being of wildlife and the park guests. You can search for job opportunities at WCS here, having the option to specify which park you’d like to work at.

Retailers and Other Stores

Retailers and other stores nationwide also hire seasonal employees during the holidays. You just have to search for your closest store locations and you’ll be able to find open positions. Retailers that hire during the holidays include Target, Walmart, and Toys “R” Us. Department stores in New York that hire seasonally include Macy’s, JCPenney, Lord + Taylor, and Saks Fifth Avenue.

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