Seasonal Jobs in Houston

There are many seasonal jobs in Houston, Texas. Because it’s such a populous city, there are lots of different places to work. This wide range of options makes it possible to find the right seasonal job for you.

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Retail is one of the common seasonal jobs in Houston. Companies need more employees as their sales increase, so they hire seasonal employees to keep up with the demand. Retailers don’t just hire cashiers, however. They also hire people to do in-store demonstrations, dress up in costumes, become security officers, store ambassadors, and customer service representatives.

For example, Best Buy is just one retailer that gets seasonal help. There are around twenty Best Buys in the Houston area, and it’s likely that all of them hire seasonal employees. In 2010, Best Buy hired 29,000 seasonal workers nationwide, and they continue to hire many seasonal employees over the years. Seasonal workers at Best Buy typically work from November to January, and some workers may receive permanent positions.

Target is another retailer that hires a lot of seasonal workers. In 2014, Target planned to hire 70,000 people for seasonal work nationwide. Around one third of seasonal workers became permanent workers in 2012, according to Target’s executive vice president of human resources.

Walmart also hires workers for the holiday season. Wal-mart estimated that they would hire over 60,000 seasonal workers nationwide in 2014. Around 25% of seasonal workers get permanent positions after the holiday season, so there’s the potential to get a regular job if that is what you are aiming for.

Toys “R” Us is also a retailer that hires many seasonal workers. In 2014, Toys “R” Us reported that they planned to hire over 45,000 employees nationwide to work during the holiday season. Seasonal workers at Toys “R” Us can work in-store as sales associates or members of the stock crew, but there’s also the possibility of working in one of the distribution centers.

Packaging and Delivery

UPS planned to hire over 90,000 seasonal employees in 2014, these positions lasting from October to January. Potential seasonal jobs include package sorters, loaders, delivery helpers, and drivers.

In 2014, Amazon reported its plans to hire 80,000 seasonal workers to keep up with consumer demand. The seasonal fulfillment associate position consists of packing and shipping orders, receiving products using scanners, and solving potential problems. Nationwide job openings can be found on Amazon’s career website.

There are seasonal delivery driver positions at other companies as well. For example, Boston Market hires several seasonal delivery drivers in Houston alone. These workers deliver catering orders to customers during the holiday season.

Houston Zoo

The Houston Zoo hires both regular and seasonal/temporary employees. It employs about 375 people regularly, and there are different types of positions available. Seasonal positions include a zoo keeper in the bird department, working with and taking care of Attwater’s Prairie Chickens. Another seasonal job is the education programs specialist, who carries out education programs for children at the zoo.


The YMCA of Greater Houston also hires seasonal workers. There are 37 YMCA centers in the Houston area, and all of them hire people to work during the summer. There are various positions at these centers, such as lifeguards, day counselors, personal trainers, and swim instructors. These jobs last from June to August, while the job fairs (where potential employees are interviewed) are in early May.

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