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Resort Jobs

Resort Jobs

Resorts offer a wide range of employment opportunities. Whether you enjoy tanning on the beaches of the Caribbean or plummeting down the jagged face of a snowy mountain on your off time, there is a resort job for you. Resorts attract a diverse group of people to the most beautiful, relaxing sites in the world. Resorts of all kinds, visited in the spring, summer, winter and fall each have their own perks, but all are guaranteed to provide a unique experience for workers to make connections with co workers, as well as supervisors, and learn about the hospitality industry. The tourism industry, which encompasses hospitality, is the number one generator of jobs per dollar spent. This means that there will always be opportunities available for you!

Resorts offer positions in food and beverage, guest services, front desk, retail, office management, administration, housekeeping, maintenance and tour guides. Though resorts may have jobs such as ski and scuba instructors for the highly specialized, there are no employees more important that the resort support staff, which includes housekeepers, waiters, dishwashers and front desk personnel. These jobs often require less experience, but are an integral part of hotel operations. Even though support positions may not be the most glamorous of jobs, they act as stepping-stones to reach higher paying positions.

High quality standards work to the benefit of both employees and guests. Employees are allowed to freely use the amenities the resort has to offer. Increasingly popular, are the development of enclave or all-inclusive resorts like Club Med and Sandals allowing employees and guests to experience further comfort and relaxation. In cooler, mountainous areas, ski resort employees are able to enjoy their favorite winter sports on their off time and are given free lift tickets. Regardless of the weather, resorts will offer employees a room to call their own and delicious food from the kitchen as part of a benefit package.

Even though winter resort destinations regularly offer seasonal jobs, there are many ski resorts that have managed to attract large populations during the summer. These people are intrigued by the clean, crisp air and the natural beauty of the mountain ranges, while they enjoy activities like hiking, bird watching and fishing among many others. These spectacular mountain settings have enticed numerous seasonal workers to take on year round responsibilities.

Whether you want to be mixing drinks on a beautiful beach in Maui or pouring hot chocolate at the base of a mountain, the tourism industry provides a number of resorts looking for people like you! Once you have spent a season in paradise you will be aching to put your skills and knowledge to use the next year. When searching for a resort job keep in mind that there is a highly competitive market for employees. Many skilled jobs are not available to first time employees and require extensive training and experience as a support staff member or entry level worker; so do not be discouraged if you do not get the job of your dreams during the first season of work. Try to lay back and enjoy the natural beauty and diverse company found at a resort.

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