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Places to Look for Employment during the Summer

For anyone in school or who works in a school, the summer months are a time when it is important to find a seasonal job. Fortunately, there are plenty of jobs that are specific to the summer season for everyone to choose from. Whether you are interested in working outdoors at a summer camp or at an outdoor pool, or you are interested in working at an internship in an office, there are a multitude of summer jobs to choose from if you take the time to do your research.

One common summer job choice for students or other school employees is to work at a summer camp. As most camps are open only in the summer, working at a summer camp can provide a great opportunity for seasonal employment. You can choose to work at a sleep away summer camp at which you can find food and lodging for the summer, or you can choose to work at a day camp at which you will not reside but rather will commute to each day. Both of these options are great for anyone who loves to work with kids and spend their summer outdoors.

Another great place to look for a summer job is at a pool. First of all, there is the obvious position of working as a lifeguard that needs to be filled at every outdoor pool that is open for the summer season. In addition to lifeguard positions; however, there are numerous other positions to be filled at most outdoor pools. Most pools open for the summer will require swim lesson instructors, snack bar employees, and maintenance workers to keep their operation running smoothly. Not to mention that pools require a number of managerial positions be filled in order to manage the operation of the pool as a whole. Thus, even if you are not a certified lifeguard, a pool is still a good place to look for summer employment.

If working outdoors at a pool or a summer camp is not for you, it is also possible to look into the opportunity of getting a summer internship in the corporate world. These days many major companies hire interns for the summer in order to give interns the ability to experience the job on a short-term basis over the summer. Additionally, a summer internship can be a great launching point for a career at the company at which you choose to intern. Therefore, if you are looking to find year round employment in the near future, doing a summer internship could serve as a good starting point to getting that sort of job.

In the end, finding the right summer job for you is a matter of knowing yourself and understanding the type of environment you would prefer to work in. If you love working with kids, a summer camp could be the place for you. If you are interested in doing a lot of swimming and getting a nice summer tan, working at an outdoor pool may be a good choice. Finally, if you are interested in working in a corporate position that could lead to full time future employment, working as an intern may be a good job for you.

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