How to Hire Seasonal Employees

Hiring seasonal employees is a must for many employers at their busiest time of year, whenever that may be. These tips can help you find and hire seasonal employees.


Advertising online by posting job openings is a great way to hire seasonal employees. There are many websites that specifically post seasonal job openings, such as:

  • SeasonalEmployment – a website used for seasonal and summer job search. Employers can submit a job for different lengths of time. Employers are asked to fill out information such as the company website, job title and description, location, and how to apply.
  • GrooveJob – a website to find part-time, hourly, seasonal, student jobs. Employers can post part-time, hourly and seasonal jobs for different prices after registering for GrooveJob.
  • SeasonalJobs – a website that has seasonal and temporary job postings for places like resorts, camps, ski resorts, organizations, hotels, amusement parks, and national parks. Employers can post jobs after registering.

Websites with broader job listings also work as well. These job sites include:

  • Monster – a website that provides job listings. Employers can post their jobs in order to hire talented employees.
  • SimplyHired – a website that allows job seekers to search for jobs by categories. Employers can sponsor jobs to find the right candidates to hire.
  • Indeed – a website used to find and post jobs. After creating an account with Indeed, employers are able to post jobs and search resumes.
  • SnagaJob – a website that provides a job search and a way to post jobs. Employers can post jobs and make the hiring process less complicated through Snagajob.
  • America’s Job Exchange – a website that connects employers and job-seekers together. It does so by allowing seekers to search for jobs, and by allowing employers to post jobs.

You can also advertise elsewhere online by using social media. Simply posting about wanting to hire seasonal employees on Facebook or Twitter may bring in some interested people.

Advertising in your place of work can help as well. Placing a “now hiring” sign on your front door or near the front desk or cashier might bring in some potential candidates as well.


  • Finding the right people to hire for seasonal work is important. Recent college graduates are typically good seasonal employees if they are taking time in trying to figure out what to do career-wise. Current college students and seniors are also good seasonal workers because they are motivated and flexible.
  • Making sure that the job description is accurate and up-to-date is also necessary. It can ensure that the seasonal employees know what their duties are.
  • You should start hiring early, as this will give you more time to focus on other responsibilities as the busy season approaches.
  • If you are hiring a large number of employees, you may benefit from having a talent-managing system. This can help you manage all of the applications and select the best workers.
  • When it’s possible, hire employees who would be able to work the same season during the following year. This can make your seasonal hiring process easier in the future.
  • Hire individuals who are ready to learn, dedicated, and willing to help. Their personality might matter more than their experience.

Image: Flickr