How to Find Temporary Jobs

People who are looking for seasonal employment should also look into temporary employment. They are very similar to each other, but the main difference is that temporary employment can happen at all times of the year. The best way to find local temporary work is by using one of the many temporary employment agencies in the United States, whether it is national, international, or local.

Temporary Employment

Like seasonal employment, temporary employment is not a permanent, long-term job. Temporary employees are expected to stop working with the employer after a certain amount of time. Unlike seasonal employment, temporary employment can happen year-round, and may last for over a season. Temporary work can be both part-time and full-time.

Companies like hiring temporary employees, who are also known as temps, because they are not paid as much as permanent employees. Temps may be hired for a number of reasons, which include more consumer demand and regular employees on sick or maternity leave.

Temporary employment can prove to be beneficial, because if the employee demonstrates exceptional work, they may be offered a permanent position. Taking extra steps such as arriving early, staying late, undertaking more work, and having a great work ethic and personality can lead to a job offer.

Finding Temporary Work

Temporary employment is generally found through employment agencies. These agencies provide temporary workers to the businesses that the agency is partnered with. They do this by using contracts or by giving workers indefinite temporary positions. Temporary employment agencies benefit both the company and the employee. The employer can ensure that work is still being done while they are looking to fill a permanent position. The employee can get a job quickly, and has the chance to improve their careers.

Kelly Services is a global temporary employment agency. It was founded in 1946, and became an international service in 1968. In 2013, Kelly Services provided employment to over 540,000 people. Users can find a job by first selecting a country, and then entering in a number of filters, such as a keyword, zip code, job category, hours, and education needed.

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Aerotek Staffing Agency is a recruiting and staffing company in the United States. It also has a few international locations in Canada, the United Kingdom, Germany, Netherlands, and Singapore. While Aerotek began by assisting the aerospace and defense industry, it has  expanded to include industries that are in the technical, professional, and industrial areas. Aerotek’s website allows users to search for jobs and post resumes so seekers can find the right job.

Adecco USA is another staffing agency that offers job opportunities and advice to job seekers in America. The Adecco USA website provides different types of job searches; people can search by keyword, industry, location, and by type. Many tools and resources are also available to help job seekers find a job and advance their careers.

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There are also many local temporary employment agencies in the United States. Finding one can be done by a quick Google search, or by using specific websites such as SimplyHired.

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