How to Find Seasonal Jobs

Seasonal jobs are great job opportunities for everyone. Whether they are to gain some extra money during the holidays, get more experience, or to receive a permanent year-round position, these jobs are very beneficial. There are uniquely different jobs for every season, and they might just cater to personal interests and skills. Finding a seasonal job can be done through many means.

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How to Find a Seasonal Job

The internet is a great place to search for local seasonal jobs. It allows people to find job openings from the comfort of their own homes.

SeasonalEmployment is a website that’s just for seasonal jobs. Users can search for seasonal work by descriptions and locations. It also offers resources for seasonal job seekers, and a place to post resumes.

SimplyHired is a job search site that features seasonal jobs among other types of positions. SimplyHired also provides resources such as writing resumes, interviewing tips, and career advice. You can also post your resumes so that interested employers can find you.

Like Monster, Indeed is a website for all sorts of jobs. This site provides many filters to find the perfect job, and also allows users to post resumes.

LinkUp is another job search engine. Locations and keywords are used to search for opportunities, and the results can be filtered by companies, tags, and cities.

CoolWorks is a job search engine geared towards seasonal jobs. This website features seasonal job opportunities that were posted recently, and jobs that are highlighted. It also has a job map that is a visual representation of jobs across the world.

SnagAJob is another job search engine. SnagAJob lets users search for jobs depending on location, company, industry, and more. It also has job tips and other advice.

SeasonalJobs395 features both seasonal and temporary positions. This website has a seasonal job directory, and features jobs and internships in many different continents.

If there’s a particular company in mind that is known to hire a lot of seasonal employees, simply go directly to that company’s website and search for their career or employment page. These companies can be large retailers, such as Walmart, Macy’s, and Home Depot. Other companies that hire many seasonal employees are those who package and ship deliveries. UPS, for example, hires thousands of seasonal employees per year, and continues to hire more as the years go by.

Things to Consider When Searching

It’s best to start searching early, because of the competition for seasonal jobs. Beginning the job search at least a month before the season starts is a good idea to make sure the right opportunity is open.

Seasonal employees should also be flexible, and be open to working different hours or types of work. Having a flexible schedule can increase the chances of finding work.

The flexibility also plays a part in applying to many jobs. Job seekers are encouraged to apply to several employers, and make sure that the resumes feature applicable and relevant information each time.

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