How to Find Internships

Internships present valuable experiences for current students, whether they are in college or high school. These programs have the potential to be extremely beneficial in the future, especially career-wise. Finding the right sort of internship is the crucial first step in gaining new knowledge and experience.

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Finding Internships as a College Student

There are a number of websites that have the sole purpose of providing online searches for internship opportunities to college students. One such website is InternMatch. InternMatch allows people to search for internships by locations, categories, and companies. It also provides resources for creating resumes and cover letters, and guides for making applications stand out. is another website that allows students to search for internships, and is part of Chegg, a popular and useful website for college students. One this website, the internship search is based on a major and location. It also offers many resources and tips for finding internships and getting hired.

Experience is yet another online source for internship opportunities and resources. The top internships in certain cities are also listed.

Idealist allows users to search for career opportunities, and it is not limited to the United States. allows users to search for programs that are both local and worldwide. It also provides job and volunteer searches.

Career Sushi is a more selective job search site that also features internships and freelance work. Because Career Sushi is picky, there is a lower number of results, but these jobs and internships were selected for a reason.

Internship Programs is a straightforward internship search site. It also displays popular searches and a few tips for those who are looking for internships.

GoAbroad is a website that solely focuses on internships around the world. It offers different internship programs in many regions, such as Eastern Europe, the Caribbean Region, and Central America.

Many colleges and universities hold career fairs, which may also include internship opportunities. Similarly, going to the university’s career services may also help out. Specific departments in universities may also provide internships for students who are majoring in that field.

Networking may also help when searching for internships. Reaching out to friends, families, coworkers, classmates, and other people can open up some new opportunities. Students in search of internships should not limit themselves by only looking for paid internships. Some of the best programs are unpaid, and finding a suitable internship is much more likely.

Finding Internships in High School

For high school students, the best time to do an internship is during the summer. Interning is a great way to add experience to one’s resume or college application, so it is easy to see why it is becoming more popular for those in high school.

High school students are also encouraged to ask around for internship opportunities. Parents and other family members can help in the search, as can high school guidance counselors, administrators, and teachers.

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