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One of the most popular and classic jobs you can get during the summer is being a lifeguard. Many Americans spend their childhoods at local beaches and pools, learning the different strokes and developing an appreciation for the water. So it is only natural that they would want to turn such a fun pastime into a skill worth hiring for. But unlike many jobs, being a lifeguard actually requires training and a certain skill set before you can even apply. Most pools and beaches require an American Red Cross lifeguard certification, which you can obtain by taking classes offered at most community centers. You also probably need to be certified in CPR to be a lifeguard. But once you get your certifications, there are a number of places you can apply, and the job itself can be pretty fun. While serious water safety incidents do occur from time to time - and you need to be prepared for this possibility at all times - most of the position will involve you enforcing the safety rules of the beach or pool where you are working. This will mean spending a lot of time telling young kids that they cannot run on the pool deck! Just make sure to slather on the sunscreen, and being a lifeguard will be enjoyable as you earn some money.

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