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Right around Halloween, there are several types of employers that are looking for a few extra workers to help them get through the Halloween season. Three of the most common jobs include working at a party store, working at a pumpkin farm, and working at a haunted house. Seasonal employees at party stores often help out by keeping the shelves stocked, blowing up balloons for parties, assisting customers with choosing costumes, and taking orders over the phone. Work on pumpkin farms may include cutting pumpkins off of their vines, stacking pumpkins in various displays, weighing pumpkins for customers, and decorating the area that customers will pass through. Many pumpkin farms also offer customers entertainment through hayrides or cornfield mazes, so you may also be able to drive customers, help design a maze, or help scare customers in the field. Yet, if scaring people is something you thing you'd really excel at, then working at a haunted house is perfect for you. Usually you won't get the opportunity to help design it, but you may have some creative control over your costume. Certainly, you'll have plenty of creative freedom in scaring your customers! Each of these seasonal Halloween jobs can offer young people a fun way to earn some extra money for a limited time period.

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