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Guide jobs cover a wide range of different areas. From adventure guides to museum guides, guide jobs tend to be educational, hands on, and fun all at the same time. Many of the jobs that fall into this category are regional positions, which makes them great for those looking for summer or holiday employment rather than year round full time work. Depending on the type of guide job you are looking for, a certain level of expertise or background experience related to the job may be required. The following is a list of some guide jobs that may be of interest.

White water rafting guide: River guides tend to be hired for the summer white water rafting season. Applicants will need a background in rafting and depending on prior experience may need to complete a training course.

Sea kayak guide: These positions are great for those that are athletic and who love the open water.

Trek leader: Put your boy scout or girl scout skills to work as a trek leader. You'll get to share your knowledge of camping and the great outdoors with other nature lovers.

Bike tour guide: If you love ride your bike, why not get paid to do it?

Park tour guide: These positions are great for those who are interested in plant life, animals, and biology.

Museum tour guide: There are all kinds of different museums to choose from.

Horseback tour guide: For horse lovers, this can be a great way to spend your summer.

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