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For an exciting an unconventional job, consider hitting the open seas. Countless cruise ships hire for their busy seasons, and those with skills in everything from cleaning to cooking might find an excellent way to make a respectable salary. For those who aren't as experienced in the workforce, waiting to amass a bit more material for a resume might be a good idea, since those hiring for cruise ship jobs are often more selective. On the technical end of things, those with experience operating all sorts of boats might find that is a better pathway to working on a cruise ship. Generally speaking, though, the smaller outfits are highly selective and prefer employees who speak multiple languages and have more experience.

For big-name cruise ships that see thousands of passengers, though, there are countless entry-level opportunities, as well as the chance to excel within the company. Since cruise ships are essentially little towns, everything from dance instructors to housekeepers are needed. In addition to the salary paid, which might be a lump sum or hourly depending on the company, there is also room and board. Working abroad a cruise ship is often a highly appealing vocation for anyone who might want to travel and see the world, but who hasn't quite saved up enough money to accomplish it solo yet. Most of the time, applicants will need to provide proof of vaccinations and good health before boarding the ship, since a more closed community needs to ensure that all of its staff members are healthy and capable of working.

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