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One of the most exciting ways to spend your summer can be to work at a camp. There are a wide diversity of jobs available at camps, and the duties of each job depend on what type of camp you work at. Two of the main considerations to take into account when you search for camp jobs are whether you want to work at an overnight camp or a day-camp, and what age groups you'd like to work with. After you have figured those things out, then it's time to think about what kind of camp you'd like to work at since many of them have different themes (sports, theater, boy scouts or girl scouts, religion, circus, etc.), and also to think about what job duties you are interested in performing. Most commonly, people want to serve as camp counselors because those are the jobs that enable you to interact with children the most. Being a counselor can be incredibly rewarding because many counselors get to teach activities that they really care about to their campers. However, it can also be very draining since you have to work with the children all day and get very little (if any) time to yourself for a break. If you would like a little more time to yourself, think about working in the kitchen at a camp. Overnight camps always need people to both help cook meals and to help clean up, so if you're willing to work hard without interacting with campers very much, this can be the perfect job for you. In addition to free housing and food, you'll usually have plenty of time to spend in the beautiful outdoors.

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