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Relaxing in the sand and sun while everyone else spends their hours indoors sounds like a dream, but for those who look towards the beach for jobs, it can become a reality. During the height of vacation seasons at busy seaside destinations, there are countless jobs available. For those who are CPR-certified and strong swimmers, finding a lifeguarding position is often easy. And the responsibility to stay diligent and be prepared to save lives is the most important part of the job, of course. In the case of lifeguarding, many teens fortunately spend more time tending to jellyfish burns and working on tans rather than hitting the surf. Aside from lifeguarding at the actual beach, countless hotels and resorts at the water's edge need lifeguards for their pools, where the sun is just as bright.

Beach jobs are not simply related to water activities, however. For the many resorts and hotels in beach towns, babysitters are essential. And children's programs also require counselors who will keep youngsters entertained while their parents enjoy some private time during the days. Anyone with a strong background in babysitting can find jobs like these at the beach, and with the pay and extra tips, they often end up being quite lucrative. Likewise, countless beachfront restaurants and snack shacks need summer staff, and the chance to work with the benefits of tips is certainly a perk, especially if the restaurant allows for some time in the sun.

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