7 Companies That You Can Start Up And Run In Your Spare Time


Landscaping And Lawn Care

This seasonal work can be quite lucrative when you find home owners who are short on time and want someone to take care of mowing their lawn so they don’t have to do it. If you have a lawnmower, you can start this business inexpensively just by printing business cards and flyers. To excel, you must like being outside. In addition, the operation can be scaled to become much bigger over time.

Babysitting and Nannying

One of the simplest businesses you can possibly start is that of being a babysitter or nanny. In more advanced cases you may become a Household Assistant or Household Manager. If you have some basic skills at caring for or teaching kids then you have what you need to get started. Simply babysitting is often an evening and weekends job (great for people working more than one job). Being a nanny or household assistant is generally a during-the-work-week job since you are supporting a family that goes to work. I recommend you take some getting-started training to jump start your babysitting.

Home And Office Cleaning Service

There is always a need to clean whenever you have people. You can focus on cleaning businesses or find homes that need to be cleaned. It only costs as much as the cost of printing some fliers and buying your cleaning supplies to get started. Most businesses want their facilities cleaned on the weekends or in the evenings. However, cleaning homes can be done as a regular nine to five job since most people want their homes cleaned while they are at work.

Running Errands For People

You can head out into your community and help people by running errands for them. Reach out to people who are either housebound or who don’t have much time to run their own errands.

Handyman Service: If you know how to spackle, do simple electrical repairs, or fix a rain gutter, then you can make use of those home improvement skills into a lucrative side business. Before you start, find out if your state requires any licenses or permits.

Become A Virtual Assistant

If you like keeping people on a schedule, posting to social media, weeding through emails, and organizing business affairs, you can provide help to busy small business owners who are overwhelmed with the task of building their business but need occasional help with paperwork. In order to maintain contact with your clients, you need a solid connection to the Internet and a up-to-date computer with office programs installed on it.


If you have had more than one career, your work experience may qualify you for work as a consultant. You can return to your former industry and offer your skills as a paid consultant. Use the contacts that you have made when you were actively employed in the industry to find work.


Students of all ages will appreciate your skills as a private tutor in the subject areas that you excelled at in school. In addition, older learners often need help when they first return to school. All that is necessary to start this business are some marketing materials.

Blogging and Internet Influencing

This is a relatively new field and one that takes some time to build yourself up in to. The idea is that your online presence, if you have a really strong one, is an asset that companies can pay for access to. Your day to day work involves writing blog posts, posting to social media, and working with companies that want to advertise to your audience.