15 High Paying Seasonal Jobs

While all seasonal jobs are an extra source of income, some jobs pay better than others. These high paying seasonal jobs vary from season to season so you’re sure to find the job that fits into the time of year, your schedule, and your interests.

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Customer Service Representative

This job typically pays $10-15 per hour. Customer service representatives take phone calls and emails, respond to customer and client inquiries, process payments, enter orders into computer systems, and maintain good relationships with clients. Macy's, Amazon, Stanley, and Coach are just some employers that hire seasonal customer service representatives.


This job can pay anywhere from $10 per hour to $50 per hour. Tutors help students of any age prepare for exams, standardized tests, and homework. Websites like Tutor Match, Tutor-Pages, and WyzAnt allows tutors to advertise their services. Tutors might also find work at their school or university, or by networking in the fall and spring semesters.

Tax Manager

Tax managers earn anything from $11 to $53 per hour, or $65-117,000 a year. Duties include tax reporting, tax planning, and overseeing completion of accurate tax returns. PwC, Deloitte, EY, KPMG US, Kerkering Barberio & Co, and H&R Block are just some employers who hire seasonal tax managers.

Technology Retail

Working in technology retail means earning $12 per hour. As smartphones, laptops, and gaming systems increase in popularity during the holiday season, retailers need extra employers to inform consumers about these products. Some of these retailers include Best Buy and Office Depot.

Social Media Assistant

Social media assistants can make $12-16 per hour or $27-46,000 yearly. Their responsibilities include supporting the online presence of the company, execute social media campaigns, generates content for online presence, and make sure this content is accurate. iHeartMedia, Hill Holiday, and many universities employ social media assistants.

Marketing Coordinator

People working as marketing coordinators make $12-23 per hour, or $32-53,000 a year. Marketing coordinators advertise for projects, create media campaigns, promote events and projects, research their market and audience, and maintain databases. Dominion Enterprises, H&R Block, MTV Networks, Pearson, and Time Warner Cable are some companies that hire marketing coordinators.


Holiday photographers can make $14 per hour or $29,000 per year. They simply photograph and sell to their customers. Photographers may either work for companies like SharpShooter Imaging, or they may work independently.


Seasonal decorators make $14 per hour, or $28,000 or up to $40,000 per year. They do the decorations in stores, buildings, homes, and for events. American Christmas and Hoffman Group are two decorating companies.

National Park Service

National Park Service employees earn $14-18 per hour. They can work in ticket booths, lead tour groups, or as field sample workers. Look for open positions on the NPS website.

Fitness Trainer

Fitness trainers can earn $15-18 per hour. They help clients achieve fitness goals by motivating them, keep data and information of client’s health, they reward and provide incentive for clients, and may schedule training sessions. Fitness, Fitness, and Fitness are some companies that hire fitness trainers.

Seasonal Recruiter

Seasonal recruiters can get paid anywhere from $15 to $33 per hour. They are in charge of sourcing, screening, interviewing, and evaluating candidates. They also manage paperwork, review and respond to applicant inquires, and attend recruiting events. Exel, Sears, and Robert Half hire seasonal recruiters.

Event Planner

Event planners can earn $17-21 per hour, or $43-46,000 per year. They handle all aspects of parties and events, so they must have good organization, communication skills, and creativity. Marketing and social media is also important, especially if they work independently. There are event planning organizations nationwide.

Golf Caddy

Gold caddies can earn $100-200 per round, including tips. In the summer, they carry clubs in bags during rounds and choose the right clubs. You can find work as a golf caddy by visiting your local golf courses and country clubs.

Personal Gift Shopper

Gift shoppers can earn $100 per hour. They provide personal shopping services, which is perfect for the holiday season. Many personal gift shoppers work independently.


Santas can get paid $100-200 per hour. They can work at private parties and malls, and there is an increase in pay on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.

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